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Vintage Globe-Trotter Original

I found this small vintage case in a local junk market for a few pounds. It’s a Globe-Trotter Original. It’s rare to find a second-hand one, and if you do they’re generally quite expensive. The company has been making it’s vulcanised fibre luggage since 1897. I was working with the licensee for Globe-Trotter in 1997, the company’s centenary year, and so was exposed to these wonderful cases then. The company has introduced new designs and features over the years, but the classic ‘Original’ remains in the range. This case is no more than vulcanised fibre panels riveted together with two locks and a handle, that’s it, not even an inside pocket. Beautifully simple. This one’s too small to travel with, more of a briefcase size, so it’s used to store small goods reference samples. It’s in the studio right now as I’m looking at examples of stitching for a current project, then it takes it’s place in the CHERCHBI bag archive.