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1005 Langley St

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1005 Langley St

Victoria, BC V8W 1V7

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

The True Heritage Collection

The Cherchbi True Heritage collection fuses together premium fabrics that are deeply rooted in Britain’s military history with the functional, minimalist designs that our brand has become synonymous for. The result is a range of robust and distinctive pieces that will last you a lifetime. Each finely spun weave of Hainsworth premium wool that goes into the making of every Cherchbi bag carries with it a lifetime of rich British history dating as far back as 1783. Ownership of a Cherchbi weaves your own story into that of a nation.



Crafted Together...

After passing the company over to Mowbray Leather Goods in 2018, Cherchbi founder Adam Atkinson remains at the forefront of all design related decisions for the brand. Combining forces has allowed Cherchbi to continue to grow into the highest quality and most sustainable version of itself. Adam's 12 years of experience working with Cherchbi designs, quality control procedures and customers, combined with Mowbray Leather Goods' highly skilled expertise in leather work, bag making and sustainable material sourcing has resulted in our proudest collection to date.

Design Process

Inspired by our archive of vintage, utilitarian and military styles alongside research into ergonomics, function and Swiss and Belgian mountaineering alpine packs from the 1960’s, our main design principle is intuitive functionality. The modern designs in our True Heritage collection are easy to use and aesthetically correct. 

Hainsworth Wool

AW Hainsworth & Sons are one of Britain's oldest cloth merchants and have been supplying the nation with their premium, military grade uniform wool since 1783 out of their West Yorkshire mill. From the creation of Khaki in 1899 to the forming of the RAF in 1917, Hainsworth have been the leading innovators in military fabrics. It's these qualities that have been stitched into each piece of our True Heritage collection.


Only the highest quality Italian leather goes into the construction of each Cherchbi bag, and our merchant of choice is widely regarded as the one of the best leather suppliers in the world.

We use English-cast brass buckles and metalware where possible and as there are no British zip makers we use Riri of Switzerland, widely considered to be the finest quality available.

All of our cotton lining is sourced from Manchester's oldest and most prestigious Behrens textile mill.