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Three New Bags

There’s been much activity at both design studio and workshop over recent months. The excitement is palpable as the fruits of some intensive labour first sees the light of day. In the case of three new bags, that day is today. These bags are a good representation of our pared-down design innovation combined with eclectic references to British heritage. They’re certainly worthy of a Journal post introduction.

The Barrett Flap Brief in Oiled Leather is an exercise in stripped-back function with a very modern aesthetic. The touch and unique fragrance of British vegetable tanned leather makes for an ergonomic and sensory experience. This Oiled Leather version retains the proportion and intuitive features of its textile brothers; pull the handles sideways and the flap springs open in one movement. Shaped side panels protect the interior from the elements and keep contents secure and a detachable shoulder strap connects to brass rings hidden in the back pocket.

The process of creating Oiled Leather is called ‘Hot Drum Stuffing’. After vegetable-tanning the hides are tumbled in enormous drums with oils and waxes heated to 60 degrees. This process results is an incredible suppleness and touch followed by a quick-developing rich patina.

The Archive Messenger first appeared in Union cloth some seasons ago. This large capacity shoulder bag with numerous external and internal pockets returns to the collection in our unique waterproof Herdwyck tweed. The stitched darts on main flap and shaped side panels combine to protect the interior from the elements. When not fully loaded the side panels cleverly fold inwards giving the bag a slimmer profile. Well suited as a work and travel bag or for use on bicycle or scooter.

The Cadence Satchel takes its inspiration from the classic cycling ‘musette’; a simple cloth shoulder bag used by cycle racing support riders to carry food. We added a flap with our signature ‘one-handed strap’ (a closure that can be opened and closed with one hand is a great benefit when in the saddle) and a useful open back pocket. A shorter-than-usual  adjustable shoulder strap allows the bag to be hitched high on the shoulders to maintain balance on the bicycle. Available in waterproof (a bonus if cycling in Britain) Herdwyck tweed in either brown or grey. The real beauty of this bag is that when used off your bicycle it is simply an elegantly proportioned shoulder bag.

These bags launch officially in September, but are available only at now. We must sign off with three thank you’s. Jim Lincoln, photographer extraordinaire. Leo Scott, a rare breed of man at home on either side of the camera. Finally, SEH Kelly who provided all the garments worn by Leo. We mixed sizes, seasons, samples and stock and were unable to create a bad outfit. Wonderful.