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The Royal College of Art Graduate Shows

The Royal, as it’s affectionately known counts among it’s alumni some of the most influential creatives of the modern age; Barbara Hepworth, David Hockney, Ridley Scott, Ian Dury, Christopher Bailey. Some of our favourites.

The work of the 2013 graduates, approximately 500 of them, is now showing for free between 20th and 30th June across the College’s two campuses in Battersea and Kensington, details here. We visited the latter to view work from twelve product and fashion courses.

David Steiner made a collection of household objects – crockery, cutlery, lighting, etc – using appropriated and converted household appliances. He converted his washing machine into a rotational casting machine using an embroidery hoop, from this he produced plates and bowls using a ceramic substitute made of cornflower and bicarbonate of soda. Genius.

Wonseok Jung’s interactive lighting device The Bird has a mesmerising kinetic beauty that must be seen to be believed.

Textile designer Jinju Lee combined digital and hand printing onto sheer fabrics, some interpreted into garments, others hung on display gossamer-like and near transparent. Her display was interspersed with playful reimagined animal objects, a horsehair shoo-fly gazelle for example, these were the original inspiration for her print work.

Serena Katt’s illustrative work is striking and haunting. Sundays Child, a final year project is a 32 page book based on written recollections of her grandfather in 1930’s Germany. This, and other work explores memory and how the past is represented through examinations of her own family history. Her work is imbued with emotion and strength which appears entirely suited to the sometimes challenging subject matter.