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Congratulations St Jude

The quality of our service should match that of our bags, that’s our goal. However, late last year, in the midst of the pre-Christmas rush, one package went missing. As we corresponded with the customer we began to learn more about her occupation, that of an artisan cheese maker.

The missing bag was to be a reward upon reaching a milestone in the establishment of her company St Jude. Coincidentally, returning to Cumbria that Christmas we found St Jude in the Courtyard Dairy near Settle in Yorkshire, with wonderful texture and depth of flavour it became our star of the cheeseboard. The original delivery lost, we agreed to hand-deliver the replacement over breakfast at St John Bread & Wine in Spitalfields. Since then we’ve maintained our correspondence, each sharing an interest in each other’s endeavours. Whilst our end products may be very different, the principles we apply to producing said products share many similarities. We’re small fish pursuing our course in large ponds, each with a tendency to make the right – as opposed to the obviously commercial – decision.

A few weeks ago we received another email, St Jude has been judged the 2013 winner of The James Aldridge Trophy for the Best British Raw Milk Cheese. A wonderful accolade, particularly as St Jude is only a year old.

Another milestone, another reward. This time an iPad, and an oiled leather tablet sleeve with a special emboss to put it in. Many congratulations Julie and St Jude.

If this post whets your appetite a visit to the stockist page of St Jude website, here, is a good first click towards sating it. If you’d like to learn more about James Aldridge, a hallowed name in British cheese making, then The Courtyard Dairy have a page on their website, here.