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Introducing Luke Edward Hall

We have encountered some wonderfully inspiring people in the short life of our brand, Luke Edward Hall is one such person. A young man whose talent and creative output greatly exceed his years.

It’s our privilege to introduce his work to you here, if you are not already familiar with it, and a greater privilege to announce that Luke will lend his considerable talent to our Journal as a guest writer in early January 2013.

A recent graduate of London’s Central Saint Martins his final collection Endymion took inspiration from Keat’s poem, but is intertwined with the thread of another imagined story. Whilst at St Martins he and close friends Duncan Campbell and Haeni Kim established Fox and Flyte, an outlet for their shared passion for beautifully made objects which they are successfully introducing to new audiences, most recently over the pond with their curation of Club Monaco’s 5th Avenue Christmas windows.

Other credits include stage outfits for singer songwriter Patrick Wolf, his Journal ‘Orlando and the Fountain’ and the beginnings of his own label in the form of Liberty-print ties and literary T-shirts.

The subject of Luke’s first eagerly awaited piece for us will be Hardy Amies, the house and the man. With Christmas just around the corner and this treat due only days into the New Year excitement levels at Cherchbi Towers are understandably high.