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George RW Cutts

During a recent few minutes of Twitter meandering we came across the work of artist George RW Cutts. The style and content of his drawings struck an immediate chord. Scrolling his website, the beautifully rendered black ink and watercolour ACME whistles, Imperial typewriters, cycling jerseys, medals and badges evoked a feeling similar to that of rooting around the attic of a interesting older relative or stumbling upon a great quality junk shop for the first time. Not for everyone perhaps, but neck-hair bristling for us. If you too are inexorably drawn to ephemera found in flea markets and carboot sales, you may agree. Find out here –

We contacted George, interested to learn more about the man and his work. His prompt reply explained how he is ‘compelled to draw certain objects, places or people’. He continued, ‘I’m interested and inspired by small details; either from history or from objects, ideally a combination of the two. When selecting images they are things that provoke a feeling in me and which have a certain quality to them.

‘The ACME whistles and typewriters for example, are such beautiful, well-made, appealing objects, but that have a sense of melancholia. They are of another time.  Each piece is me paying my respects to the subject matter and my attempt to preserve it in some way. I’m also interested in collections and archiving. I’ve recently got really interested in and started to read a lot about Antarctic exploration of the early 20th Century, which has so many strands and really encapsulates everything I am interested in’.

Regular readers of our Journal and Newsletter may begin to understand our attraction to George’s work. Our timing is fortuitous, Parade in Margate will host the first solo exhibition of George RW Cutts work in just a few weeks, 15th – 20th February 2013. Our trip is already planned and if George’s work appeals then we hope you can join us.