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Wallets in the Workshop update

Further to our Wallets in the Workshop post, here’s an update on our efforts to find exactly the right stitching for the final examples.

These tests show different thread thickness, SPI (stitches per inch), thread tension, needle size (thickness), number of run backs (or back stitches) and bevel lines (embossed channels in which the stitch line sits).

We don’t imagine each of these individual elements will be noticeable on the finished article, perhaps none will be. But in some small way they all contribute to a distinctive robustness of finish that we’re certain will be apparent. It may be the reason one wallet is selected over another, or only recognised after much use. Either way, we’re confident each piece will become a well used and much cherished accessory.

If it wasn’t obvious already, we’re sure that this short Journal post confirms our mildly obsessive approach to our work. We do hope this is viewed positively.