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Bespoke Oiled Leather Norwich Satchel

The Oiled Leather version of our Norwich satchel proved popular since launch in late 2012, we sold the first batch within a few weeks. Claytons are currently tanning the leather for the next run, to be produced in early May. One within this number will undergo some design customisation. The customer, a wheelchair user, generally carries a bag like this on his lap, but the smooth surface of the leather leaves the bag prone to slide. Could we replace the leather back pocket panel with Herdwyck No.10 tweed thus aiding friction? Great idea, of course. Here are a couple of snaps taken around the workshop bench as we discussed solutions to finish the edges and corners of the pocket.

We later learned that the purchase was a personal treat, a reward for gaining admission to Cambridge University. Great news, a privilege to know one of our bags is regarded in this way.