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Congratulations again, St Jude

Regular readers cast your mind back to a July 2013 post in which in which we waxed lyrical about cheesemaker Julie Cheyney and her wonderful raw milk cheese, St Jude. If you're an irregular reader or simply don't recall this post then read it here. Julie has become a much-valued customer, her purchases linked directly to the successes of St Jude; a Norwich Satchel for founding St Jude, then a Tablet Sleeve for winning the James Aldridge Trophy for Best British Raw Milk Cheese. Further congratulations are now due as Julie has won the award again with St Cera, a washed rind version of St Jude. Her triptych of Cherchbi waxed leather goods is completed with a suitably embossed Docket Zip Pouch, now winging its way from workshop to White Wood Diary. Many congratulations again Julie.