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1571 Herdwick Cap

Here’s a sneak preview of the newest item in the collection- the 1571 Herdwick Cap. Named after a 1571 Act of Parliament which stated that common men over six years of age must wear English-made woollen caps on Sundays and holidays or face a fine of three farthings a day. It’s widely thought that this Act was responsible for the association between flat caps and working class men. Whatever, it’s a great story.

The ‘1571’ Cap is made from our own 100% un-dyed Herdwick wool tweed. This cloth originates in the English Lake District and is spun, woven and finished in Britain. The style is cut with a very deep back offering excellent fit and protection from the elements. The stiffened peak is hand-stitched and a full cotton lining provides comfort and ventilation. It’s packaged in a CHERCHBI unbleached cotton drawstring dust bag.

On sale in the online shop from mid October 2009.