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The new Yan Belt

Its a long time since we made a new CHERCHBI belt. The Yan Belt responds to requests for a narrower belt, versatile enough to wear with jeans or trousers. The design carries our usual design DNA, saddlery and leather work inspiration with particular techniques interpreted in a modern, understated way.

The belt buckle is solid pewter, individually cast in Cheshire and given a light polish. The leather strap is deep brown Saddle leather tanned by Joseph Clayton in Chesterfield and split to 4 mm thickness. The belt is hand cut and and hand stitched using a waxed thread.

The Yan is our first one inch belt. Yan means One in the old local dialect still used by farmers and other folk up in the Lakes. It’s also the first word of Yan Tan Tethera, the counting rhyme derived from a Brythonic Celtic language and used by shepherds. This is CHERCHBI, there had to be sheep connection somewhere.

Aside from the inspiration and choice of materials used, the most important feature of this belt is that it holds your pants up. Or those of your girlfriend or wife, as has happened a number of times recently and which of course I’m taking as a compliment.

The Yan Belt is now available to buy at