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Cherchbi Dover Street Market launch

Our previous Journal post examined the inspiration and processes behind Tamasyn Gambell‘s print designs, our collaborative hand-printed Herdwyck No.10 bags launched in Dover Street Market London last Saturday. They’re only available in that store at present, and as only a small portion of our customers are London-based, we thought it fair to present some of the bags here.

I whizzed down to Mayfair on my bicycle after dropping in to the Jacket Required menswear show in Bloomsbury. Saturday was Day One of the stores latest Tachiagari, the biannual ‘new beginning’ which unveils a raft of new brands and new interior displays after a week-long store closure. Windswept from my bike ride I bumped into Victoria Beckham in the lift. I’m not name dropping, I don’t know her at all. We exchanged words, ‘Are you coming out?’ ‘Which floor?’ ‘Four’. She rolled her eyes as I bustled past.

Seeing Cherchbi bags in such a prestigious store is an enormous source of pride. When I first began conjuring up ideas for the brand and bag collection I referenced Dover Street Market as a target store, I was aiming high of course, but why not? I attended a meeting with General Manager Dickon Bowden soon after the store opened. I was working for Puma at the time and there was talk of a collaboration. I left the job and London soon after that, I’m not sure if that idea progressed at all, but our meeting upstairs in the Rose Bakery and my introduction to the store made a lasting impression.

DSM combines rare and much-coveted fashion, beautiful and sometimes very simple design and a host of collaborative efforts, many from the Comme des Garcons brand stable. Items are presented for sale on displays made of reclaimed furniture, doors and corrugated iron held together with scaffolding pole. The interior was inspired by Rei Kawakubo’s visits to Kensington Market many years ago. A less creative mind would not have translated an edgy west London market into this unique experience, a visit to Dover Street is always engaging and inspiring.

Our bags can be found standing on three plinths in the centre of the basement floor. Drop in if you’re in that part of London in the coming months. If not I hope the photos are of interest, all comments are welcome, as always.