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Lissom & Muster shop open

It’s a couple of years since we first encountered John Rogers of Lissom & Muster. The name has equestrian connotations, but could just as easily describe the man himself, his eloquent enthusiasm and the considered ambition driving his plans. During our first meeting he waxed about all things equestrian, explaining his quest to seek out products fulfilling a specific criteria; good design, durability, quality, craftsmanship and beauty.

Unable to find certain items with the right blend of desired attributes British manufacturers were commissioned to produce his designs. An English-made Cherchbi leather belt was the product of one such collaboration, silk ties woven and made in Suffolk are another. Lissom and Muster began with a slight equestrian bias – the idea originated from John’s lengthy search for well made pair of riding boots and his desire to make that task easier for others – it now caters for all lovers of the great outdoors. The company’s unique selection of branded, own-label and collaborative products are displayed online at

With the website well established Lissom and Muster have now opened their first shop on Tib Lane in Manchester. Cherchbi tweed and leather bags can be found here alongside Alfred Sargent, Ettinger and Wallace Sewell as well as equestrian specialists Döbert and Regent.

Lissom & Muster, 14 Tib Lane, Manchester M2 4JA. 0161 832 7244. Off Cross Street, close to Albert Square and the Town Hall.