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S.E.H. Kelly

London-based menswear afficianados will certainly be aware of S.E.H. Kelly, but readers of the Cherchbi Journal hail from all corners so we’re duty bound to write about our recent meeting and introduce their exceptional work.

Their garments have a purity of design and provenance which is so simple in concept yet appears incredibly fresh. Each piece is designed in their studio on Boundary Street, east London. Fabrics, yarn and other materials are sourced from a wonderful selection of makers spread across the British Isles, which is where the garments themselves are sewn or knitted too. For those with an inquisitive nature many of these mills, factories and workrooms are documented on the S.E.H. Kelly website. Of note is the London Cloth Company whose handwoven tobacco cloth was used in a recent peacoat design, more of that in the near future.

What SEH Kelly do is exceptional, but they don’t shout about it. Their understated approach to every aspect of their trade – design, colour palette, fabric selection, attention to detail and quality of make – only serves to emphasise the quality of their work. They are without doubt the most quietly exciting makers of menswear at work in Britain today.

When in stock, garments are available to buy on their website. Better still, if in London pay a visit to Sara and Paul, the couple behind the company at their workshop. Opening times and address here.