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The View from The Shard

Perhaps not a typical Cherchbi Journal post, but our visit to the viewing floor of The Shard over the weekend is well worthy of comment.

London has a number of tall buildings with public access to high floors, however the perspective from floor 68 of The Shard, at around 800 feet above ground level is more akin with that from an aeroplane window. The obvious difference of course is that this view is static thus allowing careful observation of the intricacies of the city spreading for many miles in every direction.

All discussion of the building’s architectural merits and suitability to the London skyline ceased as we stepped onto the viewing floor. Whatever your opinion of the building, the outward view is undeniably breathtaking. High cloud didn’t affect the visibility, we arrived late afternoon and spent an enjoyable two hours until dusk, recognising the familiar and marvelling at the spectacular shape and pattern afforded by this unusual perspective. Hopefully the images do this some justice. Highly recommended if in London.