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Marwood x Cherchbi Collaboration

Becky French, Marwood‘s creative head, and I have spent some time on this collection. Yes, the designs are straightforward, simple even, but these are the ones that take most time to perfect.

Cherchbi and Marwood have much in common and we’ve made full use of the creative process to explore shared interests; vintage gentlemen’s accessories, English fabrics and traditional making technique. This wasn’t to be a collaboration for the sake of it but the creation of valid new styles that could independently carve a position in either of our collections.

We feel we’ve successfully drawn the essence of our brands into each item. This is only part of the story of course. We’ve made something we’re proud of, but what will the outside world think of these new designs? Well, when we mentioned the idea to David Hellqvist at Port Magazine he seemed to like it. So much so that he invited us both for breakfast to talk him through it, you can find that interview here.

Now the collection has just launched and first reaction is positive. Most important to us is that the items are seen as functional and wearable. This seems to be the case as customers are already gauging our opinion on suitability for various upcoming functions or outfit choices.

The collection comprises a travel case for ties which doubles as a men’s wash bag, a tie and a bow tie. Each item is made in Cherchbi’s Herdwyck No.10 wool tweed with Marwood’s staircase silk lining. Available individually or as a specially priced gift set.