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Maker’s Dozen

Baker’s Dozen we’re familiar with but Maker’s Dozen? Since late 2012 John Brolly of Made In These Isles has been persuading a selection of folk, each involved in British design and manufacturing, to reveal their favourite thirteen homegrown brands. ‘A selection of products from select selectors’, that’s what he calls it. Great idea.

Cherchbi takes pride in being product number one of the first Maker’s Dozen. Thanks to Rob Sampson of Lineage of Influence for that. There are a further nine selections, including ours which is just published today. That’s 130 products and brands, some obscure, some household names. All of interest. Actually, that’s not strictly true, some have the honour of multiple mentions, not least elder statesman John Smedley and newcomer S.E.H. Kelly, each with four apiece.

We all love a list, and these, along with accompanying words and images offer a lovely insight into the world of each author. Fascinating.