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Simple Bifold Wallet, Bridle Leather
Simple Bifold Wallet, Bridle Leather
Simple Bifold Wallet, Bridle Leather

Simple Bifold Wallet, Bridle Leather

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This beautifully simple folding wallet is made from a single piece of leather. Two edges of the leather body fold inwards to create opposing pockets; one side for cards, the other for notes, or perhaps cards and receipts? The pockets have the Cherchbi arch cut-out to aid easy card retrieval.

Constructed from our English bridle. The leather surface is coloured and hand-waxed whilst the body of the hide (the back and edges) are left in their natural state – a very modern interpretation of a classic English leather.

This wallet is hand-cut and stitched in England.

Available in Black, packaged in a sturdy card gift box.


  • 1.8mm Saddle leather.
  • Two card pockets with cut-out arch.
  • CHERCHBI and BRITISH MADE blind emboss.


4"/10.5cm x 2.5"/7cm (folded)


We use a variety of leathers across our range of goods, they are all vegetable-tanned and chrome-free. Leather is a natural raw material with many great qualities, not least the individual marks, colour, lines and creases. These little inconsistencies differentiate each hide and make each leather item unique.

Care - When cared for properly the best leathers will last a lifetime. Rather than cleaning we recommend feeding and rejuvenating. Seek out natural treatments, many varieties are available containing natural extracts, oils and waxes, such as beeswax. Leather is porous, it is therefore preferable to apply the treatment and leave for a short time to absorb fully.