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Valet Case, Herdwyck Tweed
Valet Case, Herdwyck Tweed

Valet Case, Herdwyck Tweed



The Valet Case is a collaboration with Lissom & Muster of Manchester. Each case is bench-made in Somerset and contains the following shoe care essentials (please note the contents in image are indicative, the description below is accurate).

1 x Saphir Beeswax Leather Polish 50ml Neutral.
1 x Saphir Shea Butter/Beeswax Leather Nourishing Cream 75ml Neutral.
1 x L+M Hand Wire-Drawn Horsehair Polishing Brush
1 x L+M Bone/Horsehair Applicator/Welt Brush
1 x L+M Cotton Polishing Cloth

Available in Herdwick brown tweed with brown saddle leather.


  • Herdwyck No. 10 waterproof wool tweed body fabric.
  • 3mm British saddle leather trim.
  • Cotton twill lining.
  • Flap closes on leather strap/brass stud.
  • Accommodates all the shoe care items stated. 
  • LISSOM & MUSTER and CHERCHBI blind emboss.
  • Delivered in an unbleached cotton dustbag.


W 7.5"/19.5cm, H 5.5"/13.5cm, D 2.5"/6 cm 0.15 kg weight


Herdwyck No.10 tweed is made from 100% pure wool all of which is spun, woven and finished within the British Isles. The colour and texture of the finished cloth is derived from the distinctive Herdwick fleece. The brittle white fibres visible in the tweed are kemp fibres which occur naturally in the Herdwick fleece. Spinning is slowed down to give the yarn greater strength, this is then densely woven and finally bonded with natural rubber to cotton lining. The result is a unique, naturally robust, waterproof woollen tweed. Although the natural rubber creates an impermeable layer, making the tweed waterproof, the surface tweed itself will absorb liquids.

Care - A soft brush applied gently should remove loose dirt. Wool fibres naturally repel liquids for a short time, try to absorb spillages quickly before staining occurs. If necessary recent stains can be removed with water and a mild natural soap. If the cause of staining is known then further research into stain-specific treatment is recommended. If the item becomes wet, reshape it (stuffing with newspaper works well and absorbs excess moisture) and allow to dry naturally, away from direct heat.

All CHERCHBI leathers are developed for us with the help of Joseph Clayton of Chesterfield, Derbyshire, who have been tanning leather since 1840. Our leathers originate from Northern Irish cow hide and are pit-tanned using vegetable tannins. This is an ancient process, essentially unchanged for thousands of years. Leather is a natural raw material with many great qualities, not least the individual marks, colour, lines and creases. These little inconsistencies differentiate each hide and make each leather item unique.

Care - When cared for properly the best leathers will last a lifetime. Rather than cleaning we recommend feeding and rejuvenating. Seek out natural treatments, many varieties are available containing natural extracts, oils and waxes, such as beeswax. Leather is porous, it is therefore preferable to apply the treatment and leave for a short time to absorb fully.